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General notes:
♥ I do not accept holds or trades.
♥ If you default on a payment, you will be banned.
♥ Payments must be received within three days.

Shipping notes:
♥ I ship First Class by default. For books or DVDs, there's also media mail. Anything over 1.5 pounds has to go Priority.
♥ Insurance is optional, but recommended. Tracking available on request. I am not responsible for lost items if you decline insurance or tracking.
♥ I ship within the US only. The cost of international postage has just gotten too high for me to ship outside the US, I'm very sorry.
♥ I will pack all items to the best of my ability, but once it is in the postal system, it is out of my hands. I take no responsibility for the postal service beating up the occasional package.
♥ I work overnight and shipping is sometimes delayed by up to 48 hours. I'll keep you informed if the delay will be any longer.

Payment notes:
♥ All forms of Paypal are accepted!
♥I do not accept: Western Union, gas station money order, concealed cash, or checks. Paypal only.
♥ Returns and refunds are only accepted in case of damage. Items must be returned to receive a refund. Photographs of the package/item are not an acceptable substitute.

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September 2
I am gearing up to move! Everything needs to go and needs to go now. Whatever I don't sell will be thrown out or donated, so if you want it, GET IT NOW.

Past Announcements
December 21
Ouch. After a hospital stay last week, my wallet is really hurting. I won't be leaving town this Christmas after all, so while I can't guarantee packages will arrive by Christmas (sorry!), I will be shipping all through the holidays!

July 24
Loads of new items have been added, as well as three special deals! Be sure to check them out!

Thanks also to everyone who bought things to help out with the two kittens I rescued! Both are doing very well and are adapting nicely to being around people. If you'd like to see them, here's a picture of them (they were still in quarantine pending FeLeuk tests when I took this, poor babies.).


For sale:

Valkyrie Profile, 1 and 2
$7 per volume or $12 for both.

This is the original Valkyrie Profile manga adaptation. The individual volumes usually go on eBay for $12-$14.

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